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Birth & Forgiveness July 3, 2008

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I’ve been thinking lately about the precious, sacred space that enters our own when a baby is born.  One friend has described this experience upon the birth of her son.  She immediately felt the need to bless, forgive, and speak peace into the world.  

Another dear friend and I have been out-of-step with each other for a couple of months now.  Feelings were hurt, grief and anger fueled silence and distance.  We weren’t sure of the way forward.  But as her daughter was born, that sacred space made room for us to meet freshly.  It’s not that hurt feelings aren’t in there somewhere or that conversations of clarification no longer need to happen…but those things are now much less pressing and much less important.  

We forget in everyday life that grace really does abound.  There is so much grace for us to extend to each other and to ourselves.  It’s hard to know how to calm down enough, get still enough for that to begin.  And birthing a child forces us to be still and forces the world into realignment.  Priorities shift, energies shift, and grace somehow seems to appear quietly and softly.  

Maybe babies bring all of that with them.  They’re untainted by the process of human living and try to teach us how to live well.  Or maybe it’s the birth experience itself that sends us hovering between worlds of life and death.  I don’t think this is a complete thought yet, so maybe you loyal readers will participate and help me articulate this a bit better.   Especially to the mothers, what is it about birth that enables us or almost requires us to start over, clean slate, and effortlessly extend grace to the past?  Has this been your experience?  How can we harness it and remember it after those early days have passed?  I’m eager to hear what you have to share.