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Thinking, Links June 9, 2009

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I came across this piece on today about over-parenting.  Interesting article that gets at the anxiety of my generation’s parenting woes.  

In response to the murder of Dr. George Tiller, I have been reading online about mid-term and late-term abortion.  As a mother of two who has relished in the kicks and wiggles of a child inside me, as a woman who lost a baby due to miscarriage, it is hard for me to read about the procedure that Dr. Tiller and colleagues have performed.  I think of myself as pro-choice in that I do not want women dying from illegal procedures in back alleys.  But moving into the third trimester, my support and understanding weaken.  While visiting, I also read this essay from a mother who grieved the news of a baby with irreversible damage and was faced with only choices of loss.  Everything about Tiller’s murder is sad: the protesters, the attacker, the women (and girls) in his care, the grief and loss and anxiety and fear on all sides.  

Let’s end with something fun.  Zack Morris made a guest appearance on the new Late Show last night.  If, like me, you go to bed before late night shows begin, enjoy this link for a clip.


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