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Project Get Mom Healthy: Drink Study June 18, 2009

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I developed quite a Dr. Pepper habit after the second baby was born, and I’ve now kicked the stuff out of the house. I’m still drinking coffee (2, 8 oz. cups/day) but want to slowly drop that as well. Since a friend challenged my coffee consumption, I’m doing some research to compare the nutritional info of each drink.  If you’re interested, I’m adding links below to articles that seem legitimate. Waiting for my nutrition expert brother  to share some info with me, too.

Aside from the list on the side of the can of words I cannot pronounce, my number one concern in the luscious DP is the high fructose corn syrup.  I realize HFCS is in lots of products, and we do try to avoid those along with too many enriched flour and stripped-down grains, but DP was an obvious caloric intake I could quickly control by eliminating.  

My second greatest concern was the physical craving I quickly developed.  I started with one 12-oz. can in the morning but escalated to unmonitored amounts all day; I polished off a 2-liter bottle when my husband was away for a few days.  I could feel an immediate rush after the first sip each day and kept up my energy with more and more DP each day.

The last day came a couple of weeks ago when my three-year-old wanted to share.  I’d given him small amounts of DP in recent days, but this day he screamed for it.  There is no nutritional value at all in soft drinks, and HFCS has proven links to obesity.  Why was I gulping something that I didn’t want my son to have?  So I took the last two bottles (I was up to 24-ouncers) and poured them out.

I want to live in healthy ways: physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  I want to model that for my children and enjoy real food with them, long life with them, and long walks with them.  So my first step was a small one, but it’s a step I’ve made publicly in hopes of finding support and encouragement along the way.  More posts to come on my healthy living ways!


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