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Coming Soon August 10, 2009

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If you’re still checking in, know that my writing has not ended. I have enjoyed a full summer with my family, enjoyed preaching and writing, and dreamt of ministering ways partnered with mothering ways. How can those parts of me live well together?

New ideas are brewing, and I will announce a new web site by Labor Day. This site will contain a new blog but also a new step in ministry and writing to serve ministers and churches whose schedules are overflowing. I am excited about that! As more details are unveiled, I will welcome ideas as I seek to become a resource for so many dear friends (and friends-to-be!) in ministry.

These last weeks of summer (Virginia honors the WHOLE month of August as summertime) will still be spent at the botanical garden, enjoying our backyard sunflowers and veggies, chatting with neighbors out on the porch, and making lemonade popsicles. But the next weeks will also hold early morning and late night work sessions as some new thing is birthed. (It’s all so exciting, and this new thing won’t require any mid-night feedings or diaper changes, so it’s the perfect companion to this crazy life of mine!)