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A Still Life November 9, 2009

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I’ve been at it for a while but have not completely set up the new site.  The writing is come-and-go, and one section remains blank with “coming soon” holding lines.  I always hate when blogs and web sites get started but never fill in. I promise I won’t be one of those!  Instead, I’m a mom at home with her kids while also trying to be a preacher and a writer and a wife and friend and sane woman.  Whew.  

If you haven’t found your way there already, please do explore

A friend helped create the title, and I think it does capture my life and my writing.  I’ve struggled with vocational identity and calling since becoming a mother, and moments this year have helped me to recognize that I am still Elizabeth-the-person while being Mommy-the-mommy.  It’s still my life.  

Life with little ones is fast and wild. It’s hard to even potty alone (that’s Mommy-the-mommy) much less find time for quiet. Somehow, in the midst of it, I seek to be still and to make a home that is still.  It’s our still life.  

I want to capture moments of beauty, of chaos, of grace, of humor, of love. I want to save them in my memory as glimpses when Divine and Human merged for one swooning moment. They are still life snapshots.

“Still, still, still,” as that favorite Christmas song goes.  The possibilities are myriad, really.  More to come. Hope you’ll follow along.